All Day
All Day
Studio album by Girl Talk
Released November 15, 2010
Genre Mashup, electronic, dance
Length 1:11:00
Label Illegal Art
Format Digital download
Producer Girl Talk
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All Day is the fifth studio album by American mashup musician Girl Talk. Illegal Art released the album digitally for free through their website on November 15, 2010. Containing 373 different samples, All Day is Girl Talk's longest release to date, clocking in at exactly 71 minutes.[1] The album received generally positive reviews from critics, scoring 79/100 on review aggregate website Metacritic.[2] Unlike other Girl Talk albums, All Day has yet to receive a release in any physical format. The album was later used as the soundtrack to the 2011 long music video Girl Walk//All Day, directed by Jacob Krupnick.[3]


Girl Talk first shared details of his fifth studio album in a Pitchfork Media interview, where he revealed some of the sampled artists on the record and described it as "something that's really complicated and has material that jumps around as far as possible in genre and style but, when you ultimately listen to it, it sounds like one cohesive piece of music.[4] He also revealed it would be his longest and most complex album to date.[4] On November 15, 2010, Illegal Art made All Day available for download through their website in two options: one seamless 71-minute MP3 file, and as 12 separate tracks.[5] No release date had been announced up that point, and news of the album's sudden release quickly spread.[6] The huge influx of users visiting the Illegal Art website at once to download the album caused the servers to briefly crash.[6] That day, Girl Talk became the second most-searched term on Google Trends.[6] FLAC files were later added as an additional download option.[5]

The Illegal Art page for All Day states that the album was "intended to be listened to as a whole," but was "broken up into individual tracks only for easier navigation."[5] Wikipedia users quickly took the album's page and compiled a list of samples on the site, and several websites used the data to create interactive graphs and audio streams of the album with sample information.[7][8] Illegal Art itself later posted a complete list of samples used on the album on their website.[1] The sample data was later removed from Wikipedia due to a violation of the site's original research policy,[9][10] though archives of the list still remain (see below).

Critical receptionEdit


Track listingEdit

  1. "Oh No" – 5:39
  2. "Let It Out" – 6:29
  3. "That's Right" – 5:22
  4. "Jump on Stage" – 6:22
  5. "This Is the Remix" – 6:02
  6. "On and On" – 5:09
  7. "Get It Get It" – 5:33
  8. "Down for the Count" – 6:37
  9. "Make Me Wanna" – 6:23
  10. "Steady Shock" – 5:47
  11. "Triple Double" – 6:27
  12. "Every Day" – 5:10


"Oh No"Edit

"Let It Out"Edit

"That's Right"Edit

"Jump on Stage"Edit

"This Is the Remix"Edit

"On and On"Edit

"Get It Get It"Edit

"Down for the Count"Edit

"Make Me Wanna"Edit

"Steady Shock"Edit

"Triple Double"Edit

"Every Day"Edit

Unknown samplesEdit

The following songs are included in the list of All Day samples posted by Illegal Art,[1] but the points at which they are sampled are currently unknown.

Release historyEdit

Images Release date Format Label Catalog no. Ref.(s)
November 15, 2010 Digital download (MP3) Illegal Art IA123 [5][11]
December 9, 2010 Digital download (FLAC)



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