Andrew Strasser
Andrew Strasser
Occupation(s) Photographer, visual artist

Andrew "Andriu" Strasser is an American photographer and visual artist. He has closely collaborated with American mashup artist Girl Talk, designing the cover art for his nearly all his albums and handling prop design for his live shows.[1][2] He has provided introductions prior to Girl Talk shows at times.[3]

Girl Talk named the album Feed the Animals after a saying uttered by Strasser during a Girl Talk tour: "We noticed that anytime the inflatables were placed relatively close to the crowd someone would get their hands on it and completely tear it apart or crowd surf it back. Andrew started referring to setting up the visuals as 'feeding the animals.' It went a little bit further and we started referring to the shows from both our standpoint and the fans as feeding the animals. The shows are everyone's time to just get wild and enjoy themselves for that day."[1]


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