Broken Ankles
Broken Ankles
EP by Girl Talk and Freeway
Released April 8, 2014
Recorded 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Genre Hip hop, Mashup, electronic, dance
Label Girl Talk Music
Format Digital download
Producer Girl Talk
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Broken Ankles is an extended play by American rapper Freeway and American mashup musician Girl Talk, both of whom hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was released digitally on April 8, 2014.


Unlike Girl Talk's previous releases, Broken Ankles will focus more on traditional beats rather than the straight mash-ups of his previous work.[1] Speaking about the release, he explained: "I had the idea to do a mixtape with someone, but have it flow like one of my albums. I wanted to do a mixtape that was pretty different from your average mixtape. Every song is connected and there's a very distinct beginning and end; it works as a whole."[1]

Freeway was Girl Talk's first choice for a collaborator, as he had been a fan of the rapper ever since hearing his appearance on the Jay-Z song "1-900-Hustler" and felt that "his energy is unreal, and he's able to keep up with any production."[2] The two communicated through phone calls and e-mails and recorded several songs in Philadelphia.[1]


Girl Talk + Freeway

Girl Talk and Freeway, photographed by Andrew Strasser

Girl Talk first announced the release of Broken Ankles through Twitter on October 6, 2013.[3][4] Two days later, Girl Talk and Freeway debuted a song from the EP entitled "Tolerated" during a performance at the Brooklyn Bowl.[2] The EP was originally set for a fall 2013 release through DatPiff, but the release was postponed to 2014 due to Girl Talk's desire to "[wait] on a few features from other artists before [settling] on a definitive date."[1]

On March 25, 2014, Girl Talk announced that the video for "Tolerated", featuring Freeway and Waka Flocka Flame, would be released on March 31, and that Broken Ankles would be released on April 8.[5] The music video, directed by Allen Cordell, features Girl Talk and Freeway walking down a street and brutally assaulting passers-by who bother them.[6] The EP was released to DatPiff on April 8, 2014, and was later certified bronze for over 25,000 downloads.[7]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Broken Ankles Intro" – 0:34
  2. "Tolerated" (featuring Waka Flocka Flame) – 3:15
  3. "Tell Me Yeah" (featuring Young Chris) – 3:10
  4. "I Can Hear Sweat" (featuring Jadakiss) – 4:32
  5. "Suicide" – 3:20
  6. "Lived It" – 3:43




"I Can Hear Sweat"Edit



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