Feed the Animals
Feed the Animals
Studio album by Girl Talk
Released June 19, 2008
Genre Mashup, electronic, dance
Length 53:53
Label Illegal Art
Format CD, 12" vinyl, digital download
Producer Girl Talk
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Feed the Animals is the fourth album by American mashup musician Girl Talk. Illegal Art released the album in digital download format on June 19, 2008 through their website, using a "pay what you want" pricing system.[1] The album utilizes 322 different samples, with some minor original instrumentation from Girl Talk himself.[2] It received generally positive reviews from critics, scoring 76/100 on review aggregate website Metacritic.[3]


Following in the style of Night Ripper, all of the album's tracks segue into each other; describing this, Girl Talk explained: "The sound naturally evolved, and eventually, I had enough material to put out full-length album in this style."[4] The album was created as one long piece of music and then subsequently broken into individual songs.[5]


Feed the Animals was released digitally by Illegal Art through their website on June 19, 2008.[1] The label implemented "pay what you want" pricing system for those purchasing Feed the Animals, which has since been implemented on other Girl Talk albums.[1] Users choosing to pay $0.00 receive the album in individual song files, but must choose from the following options explaining their choice of price beforehand: "I may donate later"; "I can't afford to pay"; "I don't really like Girl Talk"; "I don't believe in paying for music"; "I have already purchased this album"; "I don't value music made from sampling"; "I am part of the press, radio, or music industry", or "other reasons".[6] Those paying $5 can access FLAC files and a one-file seamless MP3 version of the album; for $10, users can obtain a CD copy.[1]

Girl Talk has stated that the system was implemented to "make it easier for people to get their hands on the music, which is my number one priority."[4] A CD issue was planned for release on September 23, 2008, but manufacturing issues involving their production forced the date to be pushed back to November 11, 2008.[7] Wham City Records was to handle the album's vinyl issue, but a release never sufficed.[6]


On March 19, 2008, a purported leak of Feed the Animals was released to the Internet and spread quickly on torrent networks.[8] The next day, Gillis posted a message on his MySpace account to assure that the version was a fake.[8] The original artist, Speaky, soon apologized, explaining that the leaked album was in fact his album Mashcore Volume 2 and that he had posted the album under its correct name but it was subsequently retagged.[8]

Title and coverEdit

Visual artist Andrew Strasser, who has worked closely with Girl Talk throughout his career, designed the album's cover, which features the initials "GT" burning on the front lawn of a suburban house. Strasser also coined the title Feed the Animals, as Girl Talk later explained: "We noticed that anytime the [tour] inflatables were placed relatively close to the crowd someone would get their hands on it and completely tear it apart or crowd surf it back. Andrew started referring to setting up the visuals as 'feeding the animals.' It went a little bit further and we started referring to the shows from both our standpoint and the fans as feeding the animals. The shows are everyone's time to just get wild and enjoy themselves for that day."[9]

Critical receptionEdit

Feed the Animals received generally positive reviews from critics.[3] Robert Christgau, writing for MSN Music, graded the album "A" and wrote: "...Gregg Gillis has plenty to say about music. What he has to say about life... remains more limited. Nevertheless, sequences here give me hope. In my favorite, Ice Cube's 'AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted' turns into Hot Chocolate's 'Every 1's a Winner'."[10] Michaelangelo Matos of The A.V. Club attributed the album's appeal to "Gillis' sense of sonic proportion", which "gives the whole mix a curvaceousness that make even the most unnatural tandems seem perfectly logical."[11] Pitchfork Media's Ryan Dombal rated Feed the Animals 8.0/10 and wrote that "[It] helps to solidify Gillis' role as the supreme 80s-baby pop synthesizer. And while others have attempted to claw up to his lofty position, no one has managed to match his unique mix of diversity, pace, and open-mindedness".[12]

In his Rolling Stone review of the album, Christian Hoard praised the album and noted: "Rarely is postmodern art such bloody good fun."[13] Tim O'Neil of PopMatters was also enthusiastic: "Feed the Animals is a wonderful achievement, but don't take my pseudo-intellectual pontification as proof of anything, go listen to it yourself. Albums like these are actively changing the way people think about and listen to pop music, and in doing so Girl Talk is contributing to a very long lineage of conceptual innovators stretching back all the way to Thomas Edison, a stream of engineers and musicians dedicated to liberating music from the tyranny of direct representation of physical sounds."[14]


Year-end listsEdit

Source List Position Ref.
The A.V. Club Best Music of 2008 28 [15]
Blender Top 33 Albums of 2008 2 [16]
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Consequence of Sound The Top 100 Albums of 2008 6 [18]
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Paste Signs of Life 2008: Best Music 7 [20]
Pitchfork Media The 50 Albums of 2008 35 [21]
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The Village Voice Pazz & Jop: Albums 15 [25]

Decade-end listsEdit

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Consequence of Sound Top of the Decade: The Albums 44 [26]
Metromix Denver Top 40 Albums of the 2000s 8 [16]
Screenagers Top 100 Albums of the 2000s 75 [16]
Treble The Best Albums of the '00s 104 [27]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Play Your Part (Pt. 1)" – 4:45
  2. "Shut the Club Down" – 3:07
  3. "Still Here" – 3:57
  4. "What It's All About" – 4:15
  5. "Set It Off" – 3:42
  6. "No Pause" – 3:12
  7. "Like This" – 3:21
  8. "Give Me a Beat" – 4:12
  9. "Hands in the Air" – 4:20
  10. "In Step" – 3:23
  11. "Let Me See You" – 4:04
  12. "Here's the Thing" – 4:46
  13. "Don't Stop" – 2:58
  14. "Play Your Part (Pt. 2)" – 3:25


Feed the Animals samples

Complete list of Feed the Animals samples, as printed in the album liner notes

"Play Your Part (Pt. 1)"Edit

"Shut the Club Down"Edit

"Still Here"Edit

"What It's All About"Edit

"Set It Off"Edit

"No Pause"Edit

"Like This"Edit

"Give Me a Beat"Edit

"Hands in the Air"Edit

"In Step"Edit

"Let Me See You"Edit

"Here's the Thing"Edit

"Don't Stop"Edit

"Play Your Part (Pt. 2)"Edit

Unknown samplesEdit

The following songs are listed in the sampled source material section of the Feed the Animals liner notes, but the points at which they are sampled are currently unknown.

Release historyEdit

Images Release date Format Label Catalog no. Ref.(s)
Feed the Animals June 19, 2008 Digital download Illegal Art N/A [1]
November 11, 2008 Compact disc Illegal Art IA117 [7][28]
December 2008 Illegal Art
(South Korea)


Credits adapted from Feed the Animals liner notes.

Chart performanceEdit

Feed the Animals is, to date, Girl Talk's only release to have charted on an official national singles chart, debuting at its peak position of number 83 on the Australian ARIA singles chart in late January 2009 and remaining on the chart for an additional week at number 98 before dropping out.[30]

Chart (2009) Peak
Australian Albums Chart (ARIA)[30] 83



  • A. ^ Incorrectly listed as a Fatman Scoop solo track in the liner notes.
  • B. ^ Incorrectly titled "Here We Go" in the liner notes.
  • C. ^ ^ Incorrectly titled "Get Your Hands Up" in the liner notes, with Fatman Scoop and The Crooklyn Clan's main and featured artist credits reversed.
  • D. ^ Incorrectly titled "Work It!" in the liner notes.


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