Matt Wellins
Origin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Genre(s) Electronic
Occupation(s) Musician, visual artist
Years active 2001–present
Label(s) What the...? Records

Matt Wellins is an American musician and visual artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He collaborated with American mashup artist Girl Talk on the song "Friends 4-Ever" on his 2002 debut studio album Secret Diary, contributing instrumentation and receiving a featured artist credit.[1] Currently, he builds self-designed analog electronic instruments, writes algorithmic video software, and fosters an on-going interest in the experimental loft theater of 1970s New York.[2]

He has collaborated heavily with filmmaker Sarah Halpern and has also staged performances at the Anthology Film Archives and the Museum of the Moving Image.[2] Additionally, he maintains the Electronic Music Resource at Ubuweb with Michael Johnsen.[2] In 2009, Wellins released a split single with Zach Wallace.[3]


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